Book of Sands

winner of the HarperCollins Publishers/ UBC Prize for Best New Fiction

A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Best Book of the Year (2015) / Walrus Foundation shortlist First Novel Award (2016)

“Beautiful, absorbing ... Alrawi’s writing is lyrical and intricate; the evocation of a grimy Arab city suffocated by pollution and corruption very real.”

Toronto Star

“A social novel exploring shades between realism and myth, present and past, agnosticism and devotion … the personal transformations that foment change.”

The Globe and Mail

"Book of Sands powerfully captures the Arab Spring experience of 2011 with grit and heart ... Through incredible storytelling Karim Alrawi walks us through the human experience of tumultuous change ... This is a story you won't want to miss."

The Winnipeg Free Press